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When Should I make reservation?

There is no set time, but it depends on the availability of the items you want and when you need them. The earlier the better, you can’t plan too far in advance!

Can you help me determine what items I need?

Absolutely, our trained office staff have undergone specific party planning courses and certifications. This way our customers are always receiving the absolute best suggestions ans ideas. 

What if I need to make changes to my order?

Changes can be made to orders as long as they are made 3 days prior to the set delivery date.

What is the rental period?

Rental period is the correct definition for the amount of time according to the rental price you are eligible to have the rental items. Prices seen online or in our office are all based on (1) Full Day rental. Some rentals are hourly based, if this is the case the item will have this specification on the title. 

When will my items be delivered?

To maintain an accurate delivery time and lowest cost possible for delivery fees we create the deliveries based on routes and location. With this said we usually deliver items the day before your event (if its in a safe location) the deliveries will have a window time frame. This is done so the delivery truck can male several stops in your area, and this way providing a minimum delivery cost. However, if you are hosting your event in public grounds, or private venue where a specific time for delivery and pickup is necessary you can contact our staff so provide the information for Precise delivery time and after office hour pickups. Our trucks are available 24 hours 7 days a week.(additional fees may apply)

How? and when do I pay?

Payment Methods:
Business Checks 
Automatic Bank ACH withdrawal
Online Payment through Email invoice.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, American Express, 

Can I pick-up rental equipment instead of paying delivery?

yes, we do not  impose delivery and pick up as an obligation in our company policy. However not every single item, equipment, or service we offer has a customer pick-up option. The majority of our items can be picked up and return to our warehouse. We recommend finding our more information regarding the items you need and pickup eligibility. 

Can I rent a tent/bounce house from you? and set it up myself?
No, unfortunately tents and bounce house inflatables are certain items that need to be placed safely by one of our trained staff. 

What are your hours for delivery?

Standard economy delivery fee requires all deliveries to have a 3-hour window arrival time period

Customer chooses which day they desire the drop off or pickup and the 3hrs of their choosing. Please note it must be within our delivery working schedule, which is 


All parks and recreational centers (orders that have same day delivery and pickup) will be delivered between 
10:00am to 12:30pm and will be picked up between the hours of 5:30-7:30pm


Precise Delivery Option is a higher cost but this covers a specific delivery time (no window hours) and a particular pick-up Time. 

After Hours Surcharge, any delivery or pickup that requires our delivery staff to work before 9am or after 6pm is an additional fee.  $40.00

Do you set-up the items you bring?

Yes, Items that require assembly such as bounce houses, slides, rides, tents, and more is set-up and removed by us at no additional fee. Tables, chairs, linen, tablecloth, chair covers, and many other items will only be dropped off, unless you request that option. 

Can I specify a delivery and pick-up time for my reservation?

Yes, we are considered the stress free Party Rental. Under the standard basic minimum delivery fee we provide a 3 Hour window time frame (9am-12pm) example

What if I have an emergency and need to contact someone after hours?
Office Lines, even if the office hours should seem to be closed. There is always someone on call waiting for all our delivery fleet is back safe in our location. No matter what time it is, if any of the trucks have not arrived, there will be someone in the phone lines available. Now, if all of our trucks are in and store is closed you can contact 305-888-9235 this number is strictly for emergencies only. This is a house land-line and anyone in this line will be able to contact the correct person immediately. 

What is your broken/missing item policy?

any item returned to us or picked up by us returns broken a replacement fee is charged to the customer for loss or damaged product. NOTE: if product undergoes minor damage that still allows it to function, the company will take responsibility of the repair. Customer is charged replacement fee only if item is never returned or does not function whatsoever.

If I rent an item from you and do not use it, do I still get charged?

yes, this the rental industry> Very different to sales, we do not accept refunds, exchanges, or nothing for that matter only store credit. From the moment you make your reservation all those items/product have been removed from our inventory for that complete date you requested. Therefor, no refunds, no store credit on products clammed not have been used after the matter.

What do I do if an item i rented from you does not work?

It is highly unlikely that this occurs. However, in the event that it does please get in contact with us in every way possible. Through phone, emails, online contact submission, and way possible. If the matter is something we can fix or exchange that same instant we will do so at no additional fees. If you could not get in contact with anybody please make sure to send us an email or voice mail stating the date and time of your contact that way we have more concrete motives and issue a refund. 

Do I have to wash dishes and glasses after I use them?

No! You are not required to wash your items, however to ask that you rinse them and return them food free.

Do you charge delivery a delivery fee?

We do charge a shipping fee. We have 2 delivery options. 

Standard Economy Delivery
Delivery can be done the day before and picked up the day after it items are in a secure area. Delivery price is at the most minimum in this option because we work through window times. (Example: Delivery Friday 3pm-6pm) a 3 hour window period is required this way several deliveries in your same area can be completed all together. This shipping fee is just to cover partial company expense. What is charged for delivery is not sufficient to cover all delivery cost, such as: Employee (staff members), Fuel expense, Truck lease, Commercial insurance, Maintenance, unexpected repairs, and more. This fee includes delivery and pick up. Free setup for all tents and bounce houses. 

Miami-Dade County Flat Rate Delivery Fee--$30.00 (Homestead Area--$50.00)
Broward County Flat Rate Delivery Fee--$40.00 (Weston/Oakland Park & Further--$50.00)
Prices based on 1 truck, if more than one truck is required shipping goes up   

Precise Delivery Request
This option was created for those customers that cannot settle for a window time frame and need a more exact time for pick-up and delivery. This is ideal for events hosted in Hotels, Venues, Community Center where only a particular time is permitted for delivery and pick up. With this Delivery
 option you can choose a particular delivery time and pick up between the hours of 9am and 6pm 7 Days. 

Flat Rate Delivery Cost --$100.00 (Areas within Miami-dade and Broward County)

After Hour Delivery or Pickup Surcharge

We understand certain events need to be delivered and retrieved at all hours of the day at times. Instead of denying service to those cases we have decided to just charge a surcharge which will be given to the staffs taking care of that after hour event. Now, we are available to have our trucks our 24 hours at any particular time of the day or night. If you need service Before 9am or after 6pm, any day of the week this is considered after hours. Along with the regular shipping fee and additional $50.00 after hour surcharge will be placed to cover staff over time expense. 

**As you can understand our delivery staff work 8am-6pm every day (10 hours) under any conditions. Heat, rain, cold, etc. When 6pm arrives they are extremely exhausted ready for a rest and on to another 10 hour outdoor day. (When we tell our drivers there needs to be a delivery at 8am or 6am....Or maybe that's not the case maybe it's a pickup at 12 mid-night or 2am.. many times not even providing them those additional $50.00 overtime payment to splt among themselves is enough to get them to agree to the over time. At times they simply say they need to rest. However, because we please and comfort our customer when this occurs we get a manager, or at times the owner himself will handle this situation.**)

Rental Fees